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1. aloha (uh Low hah) interjection –Hawaiian word used especially as a warm welcome or good-bye. Hawaiian (love, affection).

2. gung-ho adj. –Extremely enthusiastic; eager. A U.S. Marine Corps slogan in World War II; as, She was gung-ho to climb Mount McKinley. Chinese (work together)

3. heath n. –Open, uncultivated wasteland; tract or rough wilderness, often with shrubs and heather. Old English.

4. bon mot (bon mow) n. –Fitting remark or clever saying; as, a writer’s bon mot that a bore is “a person who talks when you wish him to listen.” French (good word).

5. bête noire (bet NWAAR) n. –Thing or person especially disliked or dreaded; as, Her bête noire is the time devoted to preparing tax returns. French (black beast).

6. décolleté (day kol TAY) adj. –Describing a dress or other garment having a low neckline. French de (off) and collect (collar).

7. déjà vu (day zha VU) n. The feeling that something has already been seen or experienced at an earlier time; as, the trial had a quality of déjà vu to it. French (already seen).

8. ottoman n. –Low cushioned seat without arms or back. Turkish.

9. incommunicado adj. –Unable or unwilling to communicate with others; as, They kept the prisoner incommunicado. Spanish.

10. touché (too SHAY) interjection -A word used in fencing to indicate a hit. By extension, an acknowledgement of a telling remark in debate or a clever retort. French (touched).

11. honcho n. –Slang for boss or leader of a small group. Japanese (squad leader).

12. faux pas (foh PAH) n. –Embarrassing sosial blunder; as, the faux pas of showing up casually dressed at a formal ceremony. French (false step).

13. vamoose v. –To depart hurriedly, rush away. Slang, from Spanish vamos (let’s go)

14. cicerone (sis uh ROW nee) n. –Guide who conducts tours and explains the features and history of a place. Italian (perhaps from Cirero, famous orator in ancient Rome).

15. veld (VELT) n. Open grassland with few bushes and trees, characteristic of South Africa. Afrikaans, from Middle Dutch veld (field).

16. kowtow v. To fawn over; show servile attention to someone. Chinese (originally an elaborate bow, touching the forehead to the ground as a sign of respect).

17. incognito adv. & adj. –Unknown; under a false name; keeping one’s identity a secret; as, Because of the book’s subject matter, the author decided to remain incognito. Italian.

18. esprit de corps (eh SPREE deh CORE) n. –Team spirit; pride in belonging to a particular organization; as, the esprit de corps of successful new business firms. French (spirit of a group).

19. czar n. –Someone in authority, especially in a particular field; as, the President’s education czar. Russian, ultimately from Latin Caesar.

20. entre nouns (ahn truh NEW) adv. Phrase –Confidentially, between ourselves; as, Entre nouns, I think Bill and Alison will elope. French (between us).



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I am a rich child of the infinite universe. Abundant supply now manifests in my life and I now meet my financial obligations easily and effortlessly.

____________(state amount) now comes quickly to me.

My body is strong and healthy. Every day, new life, strength, and vitality are flowing to every atom, cell, and organ of my body. Every day in every way I am getting better and better and better.

I love my body and give thanks for its perfect functioning. Every cell and atom of my body now radiate vibrant health and vitality.

I give thanks for ever-increasing health, strength, and vitality. I am enjoying radiant good health now.

Expand this power for Good by affirming good for other people too. Always say things like :

You will be fine.

Everything is okay.

You are just fine the way you are.

Of course you can do it.

I know you can do it.

I have complete faith in you.

I predict complete success for you in this venture.

I admire your talents and ability.

You are strong and healthy.

You look so much better today.

Thank you for the inspiration you’ve given me.

I really appreciate your help.

Statements Releasing troublesome people from your life:

I completely release you,_______________.

I release you and let you go to your Highest Good.

I completely and absolutely release you,____________,

I bless you with love and release you.

I completely and wholeheartedly release you,_____________, to your Highest Good.

Statements to affirm for troublesome people that holding on to us.:

_________, you completely and absolutely release me. You relax and let me go.

_________, you completely and wholeheartedly let me go. All things are in harmony between us, now and forever.

If a situation or event is bothering you, you can say:

I completely and wholeheartedly release_________(situation, condition, relationship, experience, or event). I relax and release it.

I now let go of any conditions or relationships in my life which are no longer for my Highest Good. I now completely let them go—–for the Highest Good of all.

Releasing People You Love:

____________ I completely and wholeheartedly let you go to your Highest Good. I love you but I let you go. You are completely free and I am completely free. Perfect harmony is the one and only reality between us.

Releasing Problems or Situations:

I now completely and wholeheartedly release_________(name the problem or situation). I allow it to work itself out for the Highest Good of all concerned.

All sickness is
Basically congestion.

All healing is
Basically circulation.

General Statements of Release:

I let go of all fear.

I let go of all anxiety .

I let go of all pain.

I let go of all doubt.

I let go of all sorrow.

I let go of all tension.

I let go of all sadness.

I let go of all resistance to change.

I let go of all anger.

I let go of all guilt.

I let go of all criticism.

I let go of all unforgiveness.

I let go of all hurt.

I let go of all blame.

I let go of all resentment.

I let go of all negative patterns.

I let go of all negative thoughts.

I let go of all struggle.

I let go of old patterns.

I let go of all limitations.

I let go of my negative beliefs.

I let go of the pattern in my consciousness that created this negative condition .

I let go of _____ (name the thing, for example, this apartment, this job, this relationship, etc).

I bless______(name the thing or situation) with love and let it go.

I let go of the past.

I let go of the future.

I let go of my fears about_________.


Belief creates biology – Norman Counsins



Persistent thoughts about sickness create sickness.



Persistent thoughts about health create health.

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Visualization Exercise

For the best results, try to do this exercise everyday

Step One : Relax

Relax, The goal is to release mental and muscular tension, relax in mind and body, let go and slow down your brain waves so you enter alpha state and open your subconscious mind to new, positive pictures and ideas.

Step Two : Visualize

Picture whatever you desire. Do your picturing in the present tense because subconscious mind knows no past or future. See it, visualize, imagine the situation you desire now, in as many details as possible. Feel the pleasure, feel the emotions your new Good will produce within you. Pictured your new Good for a few minutes.

Step Three: Affirmation

Open your eyes slowly and become aware of the room around you. You can reinforce the exercise by affirming aloud:

“I am now fully awake and happier and healthier than ever before.”

The Wheel of Fortune Technique

The General Board :

1. Make one general, overall board or wheel that covers all the different areas of your life.

2. Dividing up the poster board or cardboard into four or five different areas, for example :

1) health

2) prosperity

3) family

4) friends

5) the spiritual quest.

3. Look through books and magazines and find bright, happy pictures that illustrate the state of health, business success, family unity, etc, you wish to manifest in your life. Paste the different pictures in the area they belong to.

4. In the middle of your board, write a positive affirmation or blessing dedicating your board to the Highest Good for your self and all humanity.

The Specific Board :

1. Make specific boards or wheels of fortune for the different areas of your life. For example, you can make an entire board about prosperity, or about love, or about health.

2. Follow the same principle as described above. Find bright, happy pictures that illustrate the positive outcome you are going to manifest.

Important Points :

1. Keep it secret.

Don’t show it to other people and don’t talk about it.

2. Look at it every day

Look at your wheel every single day for a few minutes when you are alone.

3. Be careful

The power of visualization is immense, so choose your pictures with care. Do not use pictures that are limiting, dark, or negative. Choose bright, bold, happy, colorful pictures for yourself. And don’t clutter up your board with too many images either because it can be confusing.

4. Don’t Compromise

This is not an intellectual exercise, so you don’t have to be logical about the Good you picture. Picture what you really want, not what other people want for you or what you think you should, could, or can have. Listen to the wisdom of your heart and picture what you really deeply and sincerely want to manifest in your life.

5. Colors:

Use background paper of different colors for different subject:

a. Green or gold for prosperity

b. White or yellow for spiritual growth and understanding.

c. Orange or bright yellow for health and energy.

d. Blue for intellectual achievement

e. Rose or pink for love and harmony.

6. Bless your board:

Dedicate your board to the Highest Good by placing a spiritual symbol or blessing on your board.


What is alpha? Alpha is what we call the state we’re in when our brain waves slow down to about half their normal frequency. This happens naturally just before we fall asleep and as we wake up in the morning.



Is the warrior’s prayer

Unto himself.


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Napoleon Hill Six Ways To Turns Desires Into Gold

First : fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. It is not sufficient merely to say “I want plenty of money.” Be definite as to the amount.

Second : determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire. (There is no such reality as “something for nothing.”)

Third : establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire.

Fourth : create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.

Fifth : write out a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire, name the time limit for its acquisition, state what you intend to give in return for the money, and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulate it.

Sixth : read your written statement aloud, twice daily, once just before retiring at night, and once after arising in the morning. As you read —see and feel and believe yourself already in possession of the money.

Everyday, sit down and decide each year exactly how much money you want to make. Then, decide exactly what you would give in exchange for that amount of money. Then, make a written statement as described above, mounted it on a piece of cardboard, and placed it by your bed. Read your statement aloud first thing every morning and last thing every evening before you go to sleep. Closed your eyes, relaxed, and visualized my desired results in as much detail as possible. See yourself doing the work you plan to do and receiving the fair payment you described for yourself. Imagine having the money in your hands and putting it into your bank account.

Every year, rewrite your statement, raised your goal, reevaluated what you would give in exchange for the money, and continued.

Whatever the mind of man

Can conceive and believe

It can achieve.


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Firman Allah Taala (Hadis Qudsi) mafhumnya:

“Wahai insan, Aku menjadikan (menzahirkan) dunia ini sebagai tempat untuk mencari bekalan diakhirat. Aku tidak menjadikan dunia ini sebagai tempat mencari kemuliaan dan kemegahan. Aku juga tidak menjadikan dunia ini sebagai tempat mencari harta dan kebesaran. Sesiapa yang mencari kebesaran (mencari nama) di dunia ini, Aku kecilkan (tidak ternama) diakhirat seperti semut yang kecil. Sesiapa yang mendapat kemuliaan didunia ini, Aku hinakannya diakhirat. Kemuliaan dunia dan kemuliaan akhirat tidak boleh berhimpun kedua-duanya. Aku menjadikan dunia ini sebagai syurga untuk orang-orang kafir dan juga sebagai negeri mereka. Dunia ini sebagai penjara untuk hamba-hamba-Ku yang mukmin. Sesiapa di kalangan hamba-Ku yang berusaha mencari kemuliaan di dunia ini, tidak ada peluang langsung untuk mendapat kemuliaan di akhirat.”

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Di riwayatkan, bahawa ada seorang lelaki datang menghadap Rasulullah SAW dan berkata, “Wahai Rasulullah, aku adalah orang yang sangat miskin,”

Beliau menjawap, “Bacalah tasbih dan istighfar (bacaan tersebut di atas) sebanyak seratus kali sesudah solat Subuh, nescaya Allah akan mengkabulkan apa yang engkau hajatkan.”

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Di riwayatkan oleh al Mustaghfiri daripada Ibnu Umar r.a. berkata, sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. : Bahawa seorang lelaki berkata:


“Wahai Rasulullah! Telah sedikit apa yang ada di tanganku (miskin). Maka sabda Baginda s.a.w., “Di manakah kamu dengan sembahyang para malaikat, tasbih sekalian makhluk ? Sebutlah “Subhanallah wa bihamdih’ , ‘Subhanallahil ‘Azim’, ‘Astaghfirullah’ sebanyak 100 kali pada waktu di antara terbit fajar hingga sembahyang Subuh, akan datang kepada kamu dunia dalam keadaan kecil dan terpaksa.”

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