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1. channel surf v.– To switch from one TV channel to another in search of a more appealing program.

2. multimedia n.– Combination of modes of communication, such as video, audio and text; as, video games using multimedia. Latin multi-(many) and media.

3. laptop n.– Portable Computer, small enough to be used atop one’s lap.

4. leverage v.To enhance by making maximum use of an asset; as, to leverage personal abilities to the limit.

5. globalize v.– To make worldwide or universal; as, to globalize computer technology. Latin globus (spherical body, hence the earth).

6. biogas n.- Gas used as fuel that is a mixture of carbon dioxide and methane from decaying organic matter. Greek bio– (life) and gas.

7. triple-witching hour n.– In stock markets, trading on four Fridays, one each quarter, when three types of contracts expire, sometimes sending markets into wild gyrations.

8. megacity n.- Very large city; as , Megacities of 20 million inhabitabts already exist in Asia and Latin America. Greek mega– (very large) and city.

9. transnational adj.– Extending beyond the limits, interests or boundaries of a nation; as, transnational economic policies. Latin trans- (across) and national.


10. real-time adj.– Said of computer calculations: capable of being performed as rapidly as the process or event they describe; as, Real-time computing is essential for missile interception.

11. information superhighway n.– A planned electronic “highway” of 500 channels or more, carrying vast amounts of information and entertainment that will interact with computers and TV sets.

12. fusion reaction n.– The combining of atomic nuclei to form a more massive nucleus while releasing energy. Latin fundere (to melt).

13. on-line adj.– Connected to a computer or telecommunications network; available while so linked; as, on-line information services.

14. spin doctor n.– Adroit manipulator of public opinion who takes damaging situations and turns them into something more favorable; as, The spin doctors presented the politician’s blunder as an amusing incident.

15. digital adj.– Using numbers for display or as the basis for electronic information storage; as, a digital watch; digital recording technology. Latin digitus (finger).

16. aquifer n.– Underground water-bearing layer of porous rock supplying water for streams, wells and the like. Latin aqua (water) and ferre (to bear, bring, carry).

17. alternative adj.-Designating non-traditional or unconventional choices; as, alternative energy sources; as, alternative energy sources. Latin alternare (to do by turns).

18. tabloid n. –Newspaper relying heavily on sensationalistic headlines and reporting; as, The tabloids fueled the scandal.

19. biotechnology n. –Use of Living organisms or processes to modify or make products and to improve plants or animals; as, The biotechnology revolution in agriculture will help feed developing nations.

20. Internet n. –A huge, mostly unregulated complex of university, government and corporate computer networks. Says science writer James Gleick: “No one owns it; no one runs it. It’s Everyone’s Computers, Connected.


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